Boat Trailers for your Dinghy, Sail Boat or Speed Boat

Boottrailer van Marlin BoattrailersMarlin Boat Trailers (part of COOPS & NIEBORG Hoogezand) is a company that is dedicated solely to the manufacturing of boat trailers. We produce all the known European models and furthermore we specialise in the production of trailers encompassing American design and features from the U.S. model line.

Boat Trailer Models

Marlin Boat Trailers provides a variety of models that range from single axle rubber boat trailers to tandem axle sailing boat trailers with a draft of 1.8 metres - and everything else in between.

Competitive in Price and Quality

Because we achieve the entire production through our own resources, we maintain the overall control throughout the manufacturing process and are therefore able to minimise costly transports. In this way we are capable of offering the market equivalent or, as known in many cases, even better or more complete trailers at very competitive prices. Our trailers are not only used by private individuals. They are also known to the Fire Brigade and various Police Departments and they appreciate their benefits. Please check the prices of boat trailers or the boat trailers brochure from Marlin.

Boat trailer parts may be purchased from our Trailer Parts Webshop.